Artist You Should Know ft. Allday

Allday, is an Australian rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. He first piqued my interest when I heard his mixtape Soft Love Grunge Rap back in the summer of 2015. Since then he’s become one of my daily listens. His music makes you feel good to be honest. Almost all of it. He has such a indiviudal sound to compare him to any other artist would be lazy in my opinion because he’s really just that unique.

Soft Love Grunge Rap (Mixtape) is titled perfectly; as it completely articulates the sound of the mixtape. The flows here are light and airy on the surface; but if you listen deeper you’ll hear the witty word play, introspective perspectives, and immaculate flows coupled with hella rhetorical devices that really set him apart from the run of the mill artists on todays scene.

His debut studio album titled “Startup Cult” is a more mature and slightly darker in content and sound than “Soft Love Grunge Rap”. Featuring several love ballads where he paints the pictures of his personal troubles with love and relationships.  “You Always Know the DJ” is a one of the standout tracks on the album if you’re looking for a starting point. The man is really gifted at using his words to give you a window into his world. Truly earning the title of an MC and poet in the same token.

Most recently he’s released his second studio album titled “Speeding” which is the first album where he truly takes a step away from the hip hop genre to kind of define his own sound. Which words really don’t do any justice. He does a great job of giving you a hint for what the sound is through the color of the album cover; aquamarine. This album gives you a sesne of rebirth; almost a recreation of his sound completely. Here you a synthesis of watery-futuristic sound combined with introspective-witty bars that kind of reminds me of Kid Cudi’s WZRD with better bars. However even that comparisons a long shot.

Allday is an artist in an industry full of people trying to make a buck right now. When people say Hip-Hop is dead it’s because they’re not paying attention to artist like this.



Twitter – @AlldayChubbyBoy

IG – @AlldayChubbyBoy

Soft Love Grunge Rap



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