Sheck Wes opens up with MudBoy

Okay so this album came at me by suprise. I think Sheck tweeted it out a week before it came out so I didn’t really have time to anticipate it. That said it’s honestly the best thing I’ve heard maybe since Mac Miller dropped Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Don’t @ me.

Easily the best project I’ve heard all year. More importantly I feel like I really got to know Sheck Wes on this album. He shared stories and anecedotes about his cousins and how his mom sent him to live in Senegal. Along with stories of love and triumphumph. Exactly what we’ve been missing out with a lot of our A list artist shelling up in the recent years. Drake & Nicki both come to mind with both of their most recent LP’s coming off very defensive. That said I’m looking forward to whatever Sheck Wes is cooking up next.

Live Sheck Wes
Mo Bamba
Live Sheck Wes

Take It:

Never Lost
Jiggy on this S***s
F**k Everybody

Leave It:

Production: A+
Lyrics: A-
Waviness: S+
Creativity: S+
Content: A-

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