Artist You Should Know ft. Pardison Fontaine

Pardison Fontaine is an artist that’s buzzing just beneath the surface for a very long time. He’s been featured on Charlamange’s podcast Brilliant Idiots, gave Cardi B the “Be Careful” song, and has been cited for writing for Kanye West.
Hailing for Newbourugh NY Pardison spent most of his time playing Basket Ball even going to Wilmington’s Goldey-Beacom College before shifting course to go straight into music. Thank God he did.
To be honest I don’t know how I went so long without listening to Pardi. Once I heard him though it was a wrap. Honestly he’s the best thing lyrically to come out since Drake…easily. As a huge Nas fan to be honest I’m calling it early Pardi’s heading for an easy legend status if he can be consisent with the fireworks he’s known for already.
Now you’re porbably thinking woahhhhh Hope I haven’t even heard of this guy and you’re putting him in the same category as Nas and Drake. And what I’m saying is YES. This man has a gift and what more he’s intelligent, poltically savy, and funny. If the culture had a son his name would be Pardison Fontaine.



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