5 Books You Should Read Before You Turn 15

  1. The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho’s epic fable full of allegories.
  2. The Secret: The Ronda Byrne classic that compiled what wise people had been saying for years.
  3. Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill’s guide to wealth which happens to follow the same principles as the secret.
  4. 7 Habits of Highly Succesful People: Stephen Covey’s guide to personal and interpersonal success in life.
  5. The 48 Laws of Power: The last one on this list and for due reason. Please read this without accepting it as truth. This book will seriously ruin your life and more importantly your spirit. However I think it’s important to understand and be able to recognize the tools other people are using in this world. So that’s why I included it. I for one don’t support the unethical points of views that Greene ascerts here but that doesn’t mean other people don’t so you should too. I tried to follow the laws but found that they just weren’t for me. I couldn’t get passed law 1 “Never outshine the master.” but when you’re as dope as I am it’s hard not to outshine the master. That said I can confirm that outshining the master will encite envy, jealousy, and semi frequent changes in employmentbooks.jpg.

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