If You’re In A Relationship Stay There

“Have fun in your twenties!” – Old People

Now I’ve been on the pursuit of wisdom since I was young and that usually means holding on to what old people tell me. As I’ve grown older though I’ve began to question the age old advice that kinda just gets passed along. Take for instance the quote up top; it’s usually given to young people who are knee deep in puppy love. However what exactly does it mean? Because I like to believe you should have fun your whole life and more importantly we’re all on vastly different life paths. So I’ll get straight to the point; it’s my understanding that they mean you should date a bunch of people and go out to bars and clubs and shit.

Now it’s my inner asshole that always wants know where the root of the advice comes from. The roots here seem to be rooted in their regrets; maybe hooking up with the wrong person for life and regretting not being able to fuck other people or spend time with their friends getting drunk or some shit. And if this is in fact the case this is some bullshit ass advice. love

Your life is your life. If you fall in love with someone at seventeen and want to see where the rollercoaster takes you, do just that. If you actually enjoy getting shit faced on the regular basis then do that. But what we’re not going to do is let some bullshit age old addage guide your life. Especially when DATING isn’t even remotely the same as it was 10 years ago let alone 20 or more.

Quite frankly the dating scene is trash at the moment seeing that we’re in the eye of hook culture right now. So if you have a romatic bone in your body I implore you to try and make it work with who ever you’re romatically involved with assuming that the relationship is moderately healthy. Look man, it’s a desert out here and I know the grass looks greener but it’s not; nothing’s growing over here.

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