Advanced Astrology

Okay so I’m pretty knowledgable about two subjects in life. The first being combat sports and the second being astrology. While the other kids in high school were busy studying two plus two I was fucking around in the library reading up on natal charts and talking to chicks. Usually at the same time. Seriously I would show up at parties and random chicks would come up to me and ask me to tell them about themselves.  So yeah being a part time astrologer had it’s merits.

That said most people only know about their sun sign. Which is sign that the sun was in at the time of your birth. However that neglects the rest of solar systems position. Welcome to the rabbit hole that can be simply deemed advanced astrology. I believe astrology can be summed up in the following sentence. No two objects can manifest themselves at the same time and place.

To add on to that thesis here’s another concept for that ass: future science. We primates like to think we know it all but time and time and time again we’re proven wrong. Every year I personally look back and think about how stupid I was the previous year no matter how smart I thought I was in the present of that year which is the past now. That’s pretty much all of human history. So what I’m saying is that there are things we don’t totally understand in the universe. One of those things is astrology. My theory is that in the same way we have mystical forces like gravity; that maybe the planets exert similar forces on to us at the time of our birth to help mold our personalities. An old friend told me that if God wanted give us all different personalities that the grand universal clock that we call our solar system would be the perfect way to do it. I digress.

So outside of your sun sign that represents your conscious energy in astrological terms.  You have about twenty three other major placements. However I only pay attention to about five of those when I’m reading a person’s chart unless of course it like my girlfriend or something. Four of those five are known as your personal planets neglecting the sun I already mentioned we have our: moon, mercury, venus, and mars. What these four have in common is that they’re inside the asteroid belt making them much closer to the earth as well as being much faster in their change of position. What you can draw from that is they have a greater influence due to proximity and are more varied due to their higher velocity. The fifth placement is called your ascendant or your rising sign. It’s the first of your houses which are placements that correlate with the hour you were born.

The moon represents your unconscious desires and wills. It’s who you truly are at the core of your person. Your first reactions to the world.

Mercury represents the way you communicate as well as the way you think.

Venus represents your relationships with the world around you.

Mars represents your physicality and sexual nature.

Ascendant/Rising represents the mask you wear when you meet people or their first impressions of you.

Now I’m no fool. I take pretty much everything in life with a grain of salt which is to say that I understand and appreciate the complex nature of the universe. Specifically nature versus nurture. This clearly falls on the nature side of things and to me represents one of the many things that plays a role in who you are as a person. Obviously not the end all be all but it defintely plays a part. Anecdotally though however I can’t deny it’s accuracy in my own life.

Fun Fact: Cus D’manto was avid believer in Astrology going so far as to not train fighters he deemed the wrong sign. (aka not a cancer or capricorn)

Natal Chart: A map of where all the planets were in their journey around the Sun (from our vantage point on earth) at the exact moment you were born. Your chart and it’s interpretation are basically a book on the inner workings of your soul.

Below I’ll include a link to a place where you can pull up your own natal chart:

Simple Chart:

Full Chart:

Fancy Chart:




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