Artist You Should Know ft. Robb Bank$

Name: Robb Bank$ (Richard O’Neil Burrell)

Style: Trap/Drill/Wave

Age: 24

Place: Broward County, Florida

Sun Sign: Libra

How you let Shaggy’s son rip you?
How you let Shaggy’s son get you?
You let Shaggy’s son get the pistol
Shaggy’s son tired of the bitching
Shaggy’s son with two foreign women
Shaggy’s son just might run up and hit you
Shaggy’s son couldn’t fuck with you niggas
Shaggy’s son was the one, didn’t I tell you

– Richard O’Neil Burrell

Preface: When Bank$ first debuted on the scene there were rumors that he was the Jamaican artist Shaggy’s son or nephew or something. No one knew. At the time it was just a rumor but later in Robb’s career he confirmed it to be true. He broke the news on “It Wasn’t Me” a omage to his Father’s 90’s hit “It Wasn’t Me”. With that said I don’t believe Shaggy has helped Bank$ at all from my perspective. Robb has also stated the same rapping:

I was silver spoon-born, but I ate with my hands

I’m Prince Zuko, I got banished
But Broward turned me to a man
Really self-made, I ain’t never get a co-sign for shit
What the fuck is a dad? But I wouldn’t change shit
When a nigga look back that’s what made me the best
If you think I ain’t solid then you fake as the rest
Where’s your head if I really was that privileged
Why the hell I ain’t go mainstream from the get?

Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$ hailing from Broward county Florida (XXX Tentacion, Space Ghost Purp, Kodak Black) caught my attention back in my junior year on te blogging website tumblr. Back then Robb had earned the monicker Tumblr God: probably self proclaimed but still it stuck. Case in point I was browsing some bad tumblr bitch’s page when I heard some pokemon bars on one of his early mixtapes “Calendars”.

Me an anime fan and ex street kid finding an artist that was street and into anime was to close to home for me to ignore. Since then I’ve been fucking with just about everything he puts out. I say “just about” because Bank$ doesn’t shy away from darker subject matter at all sometimes dropping some sacrireligious bars that I can’t get jiggy with.

When I found Bank$ it was around the same time ASAP Rocky was beginning to bubble. The two share some simarlities and in the past if I recall correctly there was some smoke between their two respective camps. Linked to Florida rapper Smoke Purp; though I don’t remember the details so I won’t butcher them. That said their similarities lie in them both being vanity rappers but that about where the similarities end. Banks is gritty and explicit; openly embracing the darker sides of the streets, drugs, and anime.

I don’t believe Bank$ get the credit he’s do in being the godfather of anime inspired rap paving the way for Artist like Juice World and XXX Tentacion today. As time has passed Bank$ has settled into his role of the anubis of rap: King of the Underground. Refusing to make a clean “radio” record has kept him just under the radar of the mainstream viewer but anyone who’s been paying attention to the development of the culture should have peeped Bank$ by now.

FAVORITES ( * =  fire )


Ask L8r*

Calendars (2011):

Buy It*

Cadie The Come Down*


Fine The Come Down Pt 2


Calendars 2 (C2): 


Byrds Flying*

Get It B4 I Die


It Wasn’t Me

Molly World (2018):


Ride Wit Me (feat. Chief Keef)


I Need a 2nd

Griffith Did Nothing Wrong*





Fun Fact: Nas coined Prettiest Don, Rocky coined That Pretty Motherfucker, and Bank$ coined Finer Than Your Bitch.



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