Bingeworthy: Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio is a contemporary anime created by Ezra Koenig of the indie pop band Vampire Weekend. Neo Yokio isn’t your typical anime but what it lacks in tradition it makes up for with well everything else. It follows the life of Neo Yokio’s most eligible bachelor and exorcist Kaz Kaan (Voiced by Jaden Smith). While the plot isn’t super highly developed like the usual shows I watch there’s more here: satire.

The social critique in this show is a breath of fresh air. While the show is heavily influenced by high culture; Ezra makes sure to poke fun at it the whole way through creating the perfect equilibrium. Aside from the satire I really enjoyed diversity of culture the show displays through it characters selection and development. Specifically Kaz’s best friend Lexi who’s a hood aristocrat who’s commentary kept me in stitches.

I rarely ever watch the same show twice but with that said I finished watching Neo Yokio last night and I’m already half way through it for my second time. Just don’t take it too seriously. It’s a light hearted show.

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