Bands You Should Know ft. SALES

Members: Lauren Morgan (guitar, vocals) & Jordan Shih (guitar, programming)

Genre: Lo-Fi, Indie

Age: 27 & 28

Where: Orlando, Florida

SALES is a band I should have already written about but alas here we are. I listen to them on pretty much daily basis; they currently take up four spots in my top 25 most played playlist. My ex girlfriend who was pretty intune with with indie music scene introduced me to them back in the day and since then they’ve been my go to chill music.

Lauren and Jordan met in their high school Latin class. Shih sat behind Morgan. With a common interest in music they bonded quickly.

Since then the band has grown into a sort of cult phenoma reaching millions of fans all over the world without a label. That’s right these two have committed to remaining completely independent and have stayed true to that, thus far boasting a small team of 4.

Their first EP titled SALES EP was released in 2014 and is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s unbelievable how they blend the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, a snare drum, and Lauren’s voice a  to create such a vibrant sound that can only be described as melodic.

Chinese New Year the aptly titled original single released is a beautifully crafted eloquently cheerful track that makes you feel productive; cleaning your room while you dance productive.  

I mentioned Lauren’s voice earlier but I need to discuss it again because of how mesmerizing the poetry on this project and really all of the projects SALES has released so far. I find myself at a loss for words trying to describe how it sounds but it’s something along lines of dreamy almost like the whispers of your subconscious it’s familiar. Almost as if the world were her child and she’s just singing it lullabies about love and life.

After the success of their string of singles that led into the EP they followed it up with a full length 15-track album aptly titled SALES LP. It’s takes the bands simplicity and adds on to it softly with auto tune, bass, and keys. Still there are Lauren’s haiku like lullabies and hypnotizing guitar riffs.

My favorite tracks on the album are Jamz and Best Times. Jamz is an abstract work of art that feels nostalgic but is completely original. What makes it even better is that it was a product of improvisation; where they recorded it originally on an iPhone during what I’m assuming was a jam sesh. Best Times starts with prose and it smoothly transitions into one of the most nonchalant songs in the history of music. It’s beautifully chill.

SALES followed the SALES LP by releasing three singles that honestly played like another EP in late 2017 and early 2018. You can hear the growth in the bond between Jordan and Lauren as they sounds so much more attuned with each other musically. They honestly get better and better with time and it’s an honor to be alive to hear it. “Talk a Lot”, “White Jeans”, and “Off and On” are all perfect songs.

Last but not least; obviously because they get better with time like fine wine is Forever & Ever.  On Forever & ever you see SALES evolve again but never so far as straying a single hair away from what made them successful. The album begins with an upbeat tune something reminiscent of a love child between Adele and Two Door Cinema Club. It’s followed directly with silky smooth guitar chords coupled with Lauren’s velvet voice on top of yet again another simple yet rhythmic drum line that we’ve grown to love SALES for. Outside of the singles they released leading up to Forever & Ever the three tracks that impressed me the most were You Look Well which I was just refferencing in regards to it’s silky smooth chords: a SALES staple. Second would be Moondogs which might be my favorite track on the album. Third would have to be the Rainy Day Loop which is actually perfect to leave on repeat on rainy days rather they’re literal rainy days or just figuratives ones. 

I’m looking forward to any and every project SALES is putting out in the future as I’m happy to identify as one of those cult fans I mentioned earlier. How can you blame me when they keep putting out dope shit? They really just seem to understand and actually care about what their fans want while balancing the growth that comes with being a successful in the music business. Which I might say is not the easiest thing to do even if you’re one of the most talented artist in the galaxy *cough* Cudi *cough*. Forever & Ever dropped this past summer and I’m still listening however still I can’t hope we get another project before the holidays. 



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