This month in original content.


Gucci Mane releases his Evil Genius album along with a video for it’s lead single Off The Boat. I really feel like this was a synthesis of the of sound Gucci’s been crafting since his inception in the rap game. Needless to say I really enjoyed this album. (9/10)

Lil Baby drops Street Gossip. (7/10)

Meek releases Championships. (9/10)

Ariana Grande drops thank you, next. I was reluctant to listen to this at first because I thought it was another she-woman man hater club anthem. But eventually I caved. Glad I did. This track is especially fire because she wrote it.  (10/10)

Earl Sweatshirt drops Some Rap Song. Leading up to it I was stoked because he hasn’t dropped anything since I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside. Which I really vibed with because of it’s melancholy title. However this wasn’t it for me. (4/10)

Odesza re-releases A Moment Apart. (10/10)

Skizzy Mars and Prelow drop I Can’t Take Me Anywhere. (9/10)

Juice Wrld re-releases Armed and Dangerous. (10/10)

6ix9ine releases Dummy Boy. (9/10)

A$AP Rocky releases Sundress. (9/10)

XXXTentacion drops his posthumous album SKINS. SKINS is a beautifully crafted sonic journey through X’s mind before his death. As per usual with any X album you have your inspirational tracks but this one packs a dark surprise on track three. After that the mood lightens up again. Overall I really enjoyed what X was doing with sound here and I’m excited to see what this inspires in his peers. (8.5/10)



Max Holloway stops Brian Ortega in the fourth round via corner stoppage. Max put on a striking clinic this weekend unfortunately for Brian Ortega (a really cool guy) he was on the recieving end of it. Effectively cementing his reign on the 145lb division and doing it in style.

Sodiq Yusef stops Suman Mokhtarian in his UFC debut in the first round over in Adelaide Austrilia. What’s more impressive is he put on an allstar performance a week after his brother died.


Neo Yokio releases a christmas special on Netflix. If you love original content Pink Christmas is not your typical Christmas special but it’s amazing nonetheless. Ezra, Jaden, Deus, and Mero come together to create something completely original and mesmerizing. Honestly it’s probably the best production over any medium that I’ve watched this year. (11/10)


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