Conn3ct3d by wifisfuneral & Robb Bank$ (Review)

This so far has been the first sonic surprise of the year. Though it shouldn’t be; two of South Florida’s biggest stars collaborating after the loss of South Florida’s greatest star XxxTentacion. It’s so dope to see something positive come out of such a negative  situation. You always hear about how people are going to come together after the death and normally nothing comes of it. Thankfully for us, these two lords got it done, and got it done well. With the success of their single EA (I think I reviewed it)  I guess it was only a matter of time.

Quality: A+

  • The production on this album is proffesional.

Content: C-

  • It’s really a fun album to listen too. It’s not illmatic by anymeans. That said why would you be looking for illmatic from these two???

Lyrics: B

  • Robb is hella slept on…the whole south is hella slept on when it comes to bars. Robb really blew me away on EA and Nauseous in particular. Again Robb proves he’s best 90’s content rapper continually hitting you in the chest with nostalgia at Haduken speeds.  (Best Anime Inspired Rapper)
  • Wififuneral has some growing to do in the lyrical department but the kids knows how to make a song.

“Gary Oak when I’m jumping out the gym…”

“I keep it 100 hunnid like a Pokemon Center”

“Bloodshot red eyes, Itachi, I’m so clouded I might join the Akatsuki.”


Energy: A+

  • High energy music for sure and despite it’s sometimes scumbag content it’s definetely a confidence booster haha.

Sound: A

  • Their sound is completely their own. Please tell me who sounds similar so I can smack the fire out your mouth for lying.


Overall Grade:  (B+)

A solid project.

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