Artist You Should Know ft. Rico Nasty

Okay I’ve been sleeping on this one for a minute but after ASAP Rocky gave her the co-sign she was more than on my radar. Not that my radar matters because everyone in the industry with a more qualified musical credentials than me know who the fuck she is. Her names been blowing around the East Coast for awhile but I’m just now getting around to giving her a listen. With no further a-due…Introducing RICO NASTY! (ANOTHA W FOR NY HIPHOP!!!)

She’s not in my musical palette personally but I definitely see the hype is REAL. I say she doesn’t fit into my palette because her sound doesn’t exactly fit my everyday life. Still I never let my personal taste get in the way of identifying talent. Not that I don’t like her but I just can’t see me walking around listening to her the way I do Robb Bank$ or ASAP Rocky. Though she does have a place in my library just like Cardi B does.

The woman knows a thing or two about making a track and more importantly in this era: building a brand. Her brand supersedes her music in away. She’s so vibrant and colorful that you can’t help but notice her. That said the music is definitely there.

The first track I played was “Smack A Bitch Today”. Which sounds like Eazy-E if he made Ice Cubes “It Was A Good Day” with a little XXX sprinkled on top. I’d recommend starting with that like I did but I can’t recommend much more than that personally yet as I’m still getting used to her sound.

Like I said today was the first day giving her a listen but with that said I don’t write these for no reason. Every artist I cover in my opinion is already a super star or on their way.

IG: @RicoNasty

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