Ben Askren’s UFC Debut!!!

My favorite wrestler goes to war tonight!

Ben “Funky” Askren

– 4x NCAA Finalist

– 2x NCAA Champion

– 2008 Olympic Team Member

– High IQ

– Objective Personality

– Undefeated MMA Fighter (18-0)

– Comedic Genius

– *Invented the “Funk Roll”


Watching Ben emasculate men with 80% technique and 20% conditioning turned me into a grappling fanatic. Once he gets his paws on you you’re not getting up or at least no one has for the most part out side of Douglas Lima. He has a big test in front of him by the name of Robbie Lawler who has not only the ability to stuff his take downs but also knock him out. Robbie is incredibly dangerous on his feet so if Ben’s not able to secure the take down I’m not betting on this going the distance.

Ben does have a wild card in his camp in his pretty much life long training partner and team mate Tyron Woodley. Woodley decapitated Robbie when they met. Woodley and Askren have been teammates since their college days at Missouri where they both secured twin NCAA championship. They also both train under the revered Duke Rufus. So there’s another advantage for Askren being it’ll be Duke’s second time preparing a full camp for Lawler.

That said it’s still going to be wild night. It’s Robbie Lawler…he’s one of the most bad ass viable veterans in our sport right now. With KO power in both hands I’m excited to say the least.


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