Double Standards in Sex?

Double Standard: a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.

Women have been complaining to me since I was like 13, that they felt there are a lot of unfair double standards that apply to them that don’t apply to men. I’ve always had a lot of female associates who would vent to me about their troubles being the super sensitive caring guy that I am haha. I would have no choice but to agree when it comes to practical claims like women being steered away from careers in math, being pushed to like pink, and the wage gap. However there’s one that always annoyed me and still does as a rationalist.

Preface: I was raised by a single mom and we have a dope relationship. That said I like women way more than men on average. (no homo)

Research shows that women who have had more sexual partners are stigmatized, but men are rewarded…this is one of the ones that that new age feminists are going to “try” and drag me for. This isn’t a double standard and I’ll explain why as shortly and simply as possible.

  1. History:First and foremost women have been under the rule of wicked men for a very long time. Rather they’ve enabled them or not isn’t up for debate right now haha. With that in mind the current conditions of the feminist movement is in due to the tyrannical chauvinism that’s been in place for thousands of years. So we have to understand why a whole group of people would have something to be angry about…which they do.
  2. Stigmatization: Sooo even though this entire gender may have something to be angry about just like any oppressed group; being angry at the stigmatization for being a hoe just isn’t productive. Men do hoe shit too. All the time. However the ONLY reason men aren’t stigmatized is because WOMEN don’t care how many people they’ve slept with. Men on the other hand do and to be honest as possible it makes sense from a evolutionary biological point of view. The threat of raising another males offspring is too great a risk to our own line of potential nut babies to just accept some new age bullshit about free love and casual sex. Also one more time for the people in the back the only reason the double standard exist is because chicks don’t care where we stick our dicks and in the event they do care and you are defintely not vocal about it.
  3. Difficulty: THIS. This. this…This right here is the basis for double standard if there ever was such a thing in this domain. For a woman to find a sexual partner she literally could walk into a crowded mall and ask just about any guy in there to fuck her in the bathroom and it would be done. Men are really “like” that. The opposite would land a man in the slammer. Women have no idea how difficult it is for a man to get the chance to sleep with a woman of value (intelligent, healthy, kind). It’s impossible haha. Jk jk jk…it’s just really time consuming and did I mention DIFFICULT. What I’m getting at is that it takes absolutely no skill for a women to get laid even by a high value man but for a man to get laid he literally needs God on his side, dashing good looks, money in the bank, while also being 6’4.

Ladies: Please stop insulting our male egos and instead engage in conversation with those of us men intelligent and humble enough to have conversation. Yes the male ego is fragile but at the same time that’s not the only reason we’re not trying to love hoes. We’re just not “trying” to date the girl that got pig roasted by the football team.  I’m speaking for specific group of guys so there’s definitely a group out there that feels differently from me and they might be in to that type of thing but for that ain’t it chief.

PS: Before all you hoes get your panties and or boxers in a bunch. Continue to do as you wish. You have every right too and this guy behind the MacBook won’t be actively judging you. I just probably wouldn’t date your truth…

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 3.43.19 AM

P.P.S: If you’re getting passed around when you’re not in a relationship just keep that same energy when it comes to telling the truth to whoever you decide to settle down with. If they accept that truth that’s all that matters: be happy hoes.

P.P.P.S:Studies Show That Women Carry With Them The DNA Of Sexual Partners…this is part of what I was talking about when I mentioned the evolutionary biological perspective earlier. Snopes “tried” to debunk this but their argument weren’t conclusive. They also neglected to pay attention to the study done on flies. But hey I may be wrong about this one but something tells me I’m not.  

P.P.P.P.S: This isn’t an attack on hoes but more or less an attack on misinformation and poor critical thinking skills.

TLDR: Research shows that women who have had more sexual partners are stigmatized, but men are rewarded…but that’s only because it takes a lot more skill to get laid as man than as a women. 


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