Artist you should know ft. Da Baby

Okay so I started this in march but due to my school schedule it’s got pushed back til today. I found out about Da Baby hella late…but I think everyone did. I don’t know how I missed out on this man for so long. Any how he’s pulling up in my city tonight so I figure I might as well get it done right now.

I heard his song “Suge” first and I just couldn’t put into words how skilled this man is. He’s like 50 Cent (Mike Tyson Punch Lines + Ali Confidence) meets ASAP Rocky (He Calls Himself the Prettiest Chocolate Nigga Alive”). His flows are dumb melodic with some of wittiest punch lines I’ve ever heard and bruh I’ve been listening to Hip-Hop my entire motherfuckin life.

After I heard Suge I was blown away when I listened to his most recent release “Baby on Baby”. I’m a big album fan. With that said this album is a contemporary classic. Excellent beat selection and some of the hardest bars since the Jadakiss x 50 Cent beef. I’m not gonna spoil to much for you but listen! Go listen to “Baby on Baby” all the way through and you’ll be surprised that there are NO skippable tracks. The album plays through effortlessly from Taking It Out (It’s Hard to Pop Shit with His Grill in) all the way through to the closing track “Walker Texas Ranger”.

It’s surprising for a new artist to put out Drake level work OUT OF THE BLUE. But this man did. Some people just have the skill I guess or maybe it’s hardwork. I don’t know but what I can tell you is DaBaby is it!

Recommended Listens: “Baby on Baby” & “Blank Blank”

Fun Fact: My man is the FIRST huge artist coming out South Carolina.


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