Burrough x Askren: Match of The Century

On May 6th two of the best wrestlers who ever walked the earth are set to battle it out at Beat The Streets in New York City!

Beat The Streets for all of you who don’t know is a wrestling event that goes down in New York once a year where the best wrestlers face off right in the middle of the New York streets. This year we have the NCAA champions of this year versus the past champs I believe. I’m kinda interested in that but what got me really hype to watch it this year is the main event. The main-event takes place between Undefeated UFC fighter and 2x NCAA National Champ Ben Askren and the international wrestling poster boy Jordan Burrough who touts an Olympic Gold Medal as well as being 2x NCAA national champ as well.

Break Down: The styles presented here are what makes the match interesting. You have the explosive blast double from Jordan Burroughs being his main weapon going toe to toe with the Funky Ben Askren. Ben’s called Funky for a reason it’s a colloquial term used by wrestlers to describe other wrestlers who are difficult to take down and can turn odd situations to their benefit in a nutshell. Ben does that better than anyone else. You can be knee deep in a double leg takedown with Ben almost on his back and somehow someway he always figures out how to technically scramble out of almost any situation. Can Jordan score? Will Ben funk? Who’s going to win? I have no fucking idea. Though I’m sure Jordan’s going to be the favorite with Ben not even competing in wrestling anymore outside of this match. This is historic!


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