Jacking Out

I came to realization that I spend way too much time on the internet the other day. I have an iPhone and as all my fellow iPhone users know, we get a notification at the end of the week telling us our screen time. Mine was slowly starting to creep past 8 hours a day. Then it dawned on me. If we/me spend 8 hours a day on our phones, 8 hours sleeping, and roughly 8 hours working or going to school, we are literally in the matrix. We’ve traded our real lives in for our virtual ones. What’s more is I realized how much the academic inside of me scorned the thought of social media in it’s entirety but yet I still got on it everyday. That’s when I realized I had a problem. I was addicted to my phone.

Hence the solution. I’m jacking out of the matrix indefinetely.

I’ll still post here…obviously. But my content is going to have to change if I’m not using platforms like Instagram anymore. I haven’t quite figured out what direction I’m going in but it’s more than likely going to become more personal which I think is good for the most part.

The worlds changing before our eyes.

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