My Road Trip To San Diego Pt.1

It’s been almost a year and half now since I packed my car up and drove to San Diego. Even then I was on some anti-social media shit so I didn’t bother recording the journey or V-Logging except for a snapchat video here and there. I’ve told this story so many times but I figure I should write it down so that it’s permanent.

So flashback to November of 2017.

I’m 23 years old, tired of Delaware, and an undefeated fighter. So I’m in a relationship with my Scorpio Ex-Girlfriend. I’m an Aries. And for those of you who don’t know Aries and Scorpio relationships tend be exceptionately passionate. Some days we loved eachother and would rip off anyone head who got in our way and other day we were trying to tear eachothers heads off. Most figuratively except in her case where somedays she might actually try taking my head off. She has a mean right cross for the record. I never hit her but I definetely had to subdue her with the gentle art on more than one occassion. Nonetheless that’s still my ex and I’m the only one allowed to talk bad about her and I do that to her face or over text or facetime when she’s not blocking me. As you can see we have a stormy relationship but still my loves eternal.

So we were planning on taking the road trip together. However we got into a fight a month before the set date so I packed up and left. She called me a bitch and I’m sensetive okay. So I packed my shit up and left. I had already transformed my then 2002 Honda Civic into a sort of a camper. I believe the verb I’m looking for is camperized. I built a bed in the back that I could put up at will. Under the bed I had some compartments that I made to store my clothes and put my snacks for the ride. So I had all of this ready a month in an advance because that’s the type of guy I am. I’m also the type of guy that if you talk to me crazy I’ll forget you exist which only worked temporarily in this case. So yeah we get into the fight and I packed my belongings and took off on the 3000 mile journey across the continent. I have this weird thing were I need to be appreciated or I’ll leave idk.

The journey across the country was what you could expect. I didn’t really stop to see the sights because I wanted to make it there 2 days if I could. It’s a 3-4 day trip for the record. So I drove through Maryland and then Virginia and after that the rest is a blur until I hit Texas. I remember once I got into Texas everything became stupid beautiful. Like the landscapes were breathtaking and it was kinda meditative in a way because it was just me and the open road. Most of the journey I played Travis Scott’s Birds in The Trap Sing Brian McKnight. It was the perfect sound for the landscape. I figured as much because he’s from Texas. Aside from Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico were even more amazing to be honest. Arizona might have been my favorite if New Mexico didn’t steal all of it’s shine with it’s spanish style adobe houses with tiled roofs. Driving through the desserts of the south west was undoubedtly my favorite part of the drive. I stopped to pee on the road in Arizona where I was greeted by a lizard.

So eventually I get to CA. When you’re driving into San Diego it’s like a scene out of pokemon. The episode when Ash drops Charizard off at the Dragon’s Valley. You have to drive through a hugemongous beautiful dessert complete with san dunes and all. As I’m driving along I see a car start to break down right in front of me. I hear God’s whisper tell me to slow my roll so I stop and see what’s going on. It turns out to be a woman and her child. For the record the woman wasn’t attractive to me. She was in her 30’s, obese, and annoying (found that out later). That doesn’t matter though she was a person, a fellow traveler if you will. So I asked her where she was going and she told me her story: her parents had kicked her and her son out and they were heading to Washington State to stay with a friend. I had already decided to help them out when I stopped so none of that mattered. But still it’s best to get to know the strangers who are getting in your car. We all get load up in my Civic-Coupe and we start heading to San Diego together. I had a machete under my seat just in case she tried to rob me or something. I think we had about 2-4 hours till we got to the city but in that time she complained so much about life that I had to make a no talking rule. Dead ass. People really think I’m some nice guy but I’m not. I’m kind. There’s a HUGE difference. We stop at a pit stop for gas and me the kid hit it off he tells me about himself and I listen and for real I felt so bad for this kid I wanted to adopt him. While we were in the car I got the impression that his mom might have been a prostitute before because she told me had seven to eight other kids. So with that in mind I asked the kid  ( I forgot his name ) if he wanted anything from the store and he ended up getting a toy cap gun. While we’re shooting the shit his mom realizes she left her wallet back in her car. So I end up paying for everything not that it mattered (being a good person is something I aim to do). I refused to buy her ciggarettes because that shit is gross. So we start heading back to the middle of the desert to find her car when we she miraculously find her wallet in her bag or something. Amen.

After I invented the no talking clause things got much better and eventually she and he fell asleep. Driving into San Diego was hands down one of the most cinematic experiences of my life. First of all you have to drive through roads that are built literally heading through a mountain. There are twists and turns and the views are fucking brilliant. 10/10 recommend it. When you finally get through the mountainous path you come out on the other side of the mountain heading down hill towards a city nestled between the pacific ocean and the California desert only seperated by mountains. It’s like God built the city himself. Eventually I dropped my passengers off at a bus stop and said my goodbyes. She seemed ungrateful for a woman who’s life I just saved…nonetheless I didn’t care one way or another. I had finally made it to my destination. I forgot to mention the reason I chose San Diego. It’s because the most intelligent fighter the world has ever known had his home base set there. Dominick Cruz!!!

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