Wise Words From A$AP Rocky

“For all them hoes that was frontin on niggas back in the day you know what I’m saying, excuse me, fuck out my face.  

This for my broke jiggy niggas.

They say wealth is of the mind not the pocket, I learned that from a very wise man.”

This is hands down one of my favorite A$AP quotes and most definitely one of my favorite A$AP tracks. It’s one of the best songs on his second studio album AT. LONG. LAST. A$AP. It’s basically him saying that even he had bitches curving him before he got on. Which shows that Birds really only care about Bread.

I was a junior or senior in highschool when Rocky came on the scene. I remember riding around Dover with one of the baddest bitches (no disrespect) in my school. She played Peso and I remember NOT fucking with it on the first listen. It was different. He came on the track spitting “I be that pretty motherfucker…”. The world was different back then and at first being the dumb teenage boy I was I rejected it but eventually I saw the impact my man had on the women I was interested in: Artistic Girls. The rest was history…I became a huge supporter of his whole wave. If you haven’t given Rocky a listen you should. The man single handedly shifted the culture…

On a side note here’s something else to chew on. This is kind of gossip which I try to stay away from but I think it’s inspiring so I’ll share it anyway. So my man Rocky is known for bagging some of the baddest women in the industry: Chanel Iman, Rihanna, & Kendall Jenner to name a few. With that said when he was dating Kendall she allegedly cheated on him with a NBA player. That just goes to show that no matter how dope you are that shit can happen to anyone.

Oh and one more quick Rocky Snapple Fact: He didn’t get on until he was 24.

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