The Chanel Suit

I love a Chanel suit. They are the representation of what Coco Chanel envisioned in the modern woman: sleek, stylish, and classy. Created when women were oppressed into wearing whatever men picked out for them, the Chanel suit created something comfortable for women of high-society to wear in their leisure or while handling business. My grandmother was a Chanel girl so maybe that’s why I love a woman in a Chanel suit. Nonetheless it would be nice to see this traditionally high-fashion piece influence the entire culture in the coming years. I mean we are about to enter the 20’s all over again. I can dream right?

For my readers who can’t understand my interest in fashion in particular or think that it’s a domain strictly for women. I’ll let you in on a secret. Women love a man that can shop for them. My ex was an employee for a highly successful Russian entrepreneur once and his wife was always decadently dressed. When my ex complimented her on taste she replied “My husband picked it out for me.” She never let me forget that. Now combine that with my fashionista grandmother and being born in the fashion capital of the world and you really get a sense of why I see the way I do.

“I see both sides like Chanel.” – Frank Ocean

Model: Kattrin Katti (@Kattrin_Katti)

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