Fighters you should know: Peter “The Joker” Petties

The Joker grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Things weren’t as bright as they could be and you could say he was going down the wrong path. Things got even darker when his mom passed away unexpectedly while he was at school in his 6th grade year. Upon his mother’s death, he relocated to Columbia, Maryland to live with his sister, Dominique Gordon. Here, he entered Howard County Public Schools district; one of the best school districts in the nation. This perhaps would turn out to be the universe turning lemons into lemonade for him. Attending Oakland Mills High School, Petties excelled in his academics, as well as sports. His wrestling credentials are his best kept secret. He courted several colleges before he chose Divison II Belmont Abbey in North Carolina, where he majored in History. Petties began his MMA career while attending Belmont Abby under the banner of Extreme Karate. Petties returned to Maryland and began attending Morgan State University after his freshman year to pursue his passion in MMA. After bouncing around the DMV area, he finally settled in at Crazy 88’s MMA gym. A short while later, his newfound MMA coach received a call from Master Lloyd Irvin looking for a training partner to replicate T.J. Dillashaw for Team Lloyd Irvin’s Mike Easton. The rest is history. He’s been clawing his way up the circuit and last year he was rewarded for his hard work when he received a call while eating a burger for him to appear on the contender series. A dream come true at the first sight, however in hindsight it seems more like a nightmare. Two days before the contender series he suffered a grade two tear in his ankle. A product of the rigorous training that he put himself through to be in super sayin shape for his UFC debut. Things ultimately didn’t go his way, but everything happens for a reason or better yet he turned his lemons into lemonade. Now, a whole two years later, another opportunity has come in his way in the form of a shot in the second season of the ONE-MILLION DOLLAR PFL (Professional Fighters League) tournament. It’s worth noting that the money isn’t what motivates “The Joker”: a moniker he earned from one of his high school teammates parents for his trademark “game time” smile. What motivates him is his love for competition, which anyone who has ever watched him paint the cage red will tell you. Far from a sadist, he just appreciates the opportunity to compete. Mark your calendars for May 23rd, where he looks to impose his will on Andre Harrison of the PFL. In an era when all fighters look the same, it’s a breath of fresh air to have another artist bring a unique style to the VERY stale MMA world.

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