The Story of Mad Maxx [Dover Legends]

It’s Delaware not Chiraq. 

Be your own man stop dick sucking.

Esama FTW

Maxx asked me not to post this when he was out because he was still in the middle of a war. That said I think it’s time we shine the light on the man, the myth, the legend…Mad Maxx. Now you’re probably asking yourself what makes this man a legend? Well…most rappers talk that street shit but when it comes to the actual bussin they tails be tucked. Not Max…not max…not max. Max is so with the shits his name is synonymous with the entire Westside of Dover. Anytime theirs ever been a problem Maxx has been one to take matters into his own hands. I can’t speak too much on his stripes but here’s a link to an article by the Dover police about Max. The video below was actually taken the day he was released from the hospital following the shooting mentioned in the article. His foot’s still in a cast and he’s still on crutches if you need proof. Did I mention he can spit? Oh yeah the man has a gift.



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