Delaware Dimes: Lex [INTERVIEW]

Meet Alexis she’s one of Delaware’s best kept secrets. In all my time out here I’ve only ever run into her once and that was at Allure on a Thursday (College Night). She’s gorgeous, laidback, and has great taste.  It’s obvious from her insta that she’s special at least it’s obvious to me. She does her own thing and funnily enough the only celebrity that comes to mind when I think of her is Jhene Aiko and maybe Sade.

I don’t know her that well but what I can tell you is that she’s eclectic. Aside from being beautiful which is obvious; she’s an entrepreneur, a student (DSU), and a bit of an activist. Basically she’s the type of woman that Frank Ocean writes songs about. I hope someone catches that one…but A$AP Rocky would probably write songs for her too. You know he has a thing for deep women that look like angels. I’ll link her IG at the bottom if you want to get a glimpse into her world.

Lex is a mix of two of the dopest cultures on the earth. The first is Lebanese. Lebanon is located in West Asia, slightly North of Africa, also known as the cradle of civilization. Lebanon has hosted some of the greatest cultures the world has ever known dating back thousands of years. It’s one of the first melting pots in the world. The biblical canaanites were its first inhabitants as well as the Phoenicians who were the first people to navigate the earth by sea. The Phoenicians in particular circumvented the world and mapped it before Columbus’s great grandmother was even a thought. The Persians, Assyrians, and Greeks all have dropped some water in the bucket of Lebanon. Which makes perfect sense why anyone with DNA from here is so beautiful. I’ve found that the more diverse the DNA the more attractive the person at least from my perspective. The other side of the coin is African-American which really needs no introduction. Our culture is world renowned.


Hope: Where are you from?

Lex: I’m from Claymont ,Delaware.

Hope: Do you have any hobbies?

Lex: Modeling & painting mostly.

Hope: What’s your favorite cereal?

Lex: lol I’m stuck between captain crunch w the berries and fruity pebbles

Hope: Favorite artist?

Lex: Female: Jhenè Aiko and Male: Meek Mill or PnB Rock.

Hope: Favorite animal?

Lex: Pigs 😊

Hope: Biggest fears?

Lex: Getting on a plane, getting stuck in an elevator & getting in a car accident

Hope: Biggest dreams?

Lex: To open my own veterinary clinic and also work with rehabilitating animals who are orphans, like baby moneys and shit.

Hope: What’s your type?

Lex: lol uhhhhhhh idek, athlete,brown skin , tall, sweet.

Hope: Ideal Date?

Lex: I’m corny so if a guy were to take me on a picnic date I’d probably melt 💖😭. Also, if a guy took me to the zoo because I love animals lol



 Follow her:

Twitter: @Oh_sheamodel

IG: @amj.model 

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