Delaware Dimes: Cindy 🦊

First I would like to welcome our first and only correspondent at this time Matt Blumenthal. Matt and I have been friends since highschool and have always had the same taste in women. Some times even dating and hooking up with th same chicks. At different times of course. We were two of the only New Yorkers in our city of Dover. I think that had a lot to do with it. Nonetheless we never let that get in between us and have remained in touch since then. When it came time to get this interview done I had to recruit some help because Cindy is well busy. Matt stepped up to the plate and got it handled in less than 12 hours something that I hadn’t been able to accomplish on my own for well over two weeks. That’s something I’m eternally grateful for because Cindy is special.

Listen man she radiant. I can honestly say she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Years go by without me seeing her and each time is I do I’m like wow who the fuck is that. She literally glows. It’s as internal as it is external. They say the smile is a womans best curve and she confirms it. The second best thing about her is that she always in shape. I’m huge into fitness if you can’t tell and she always looks like she just left the gym. Her gym fashion is on point but if you ever catch her outside of gym clothes she’s cleans up even more nicely. Which is to say she has good taste. Last but not least the girl is super loyal and kind. Which I respect to the utmost; some girls will flirt back when a guy approaches them even though it’s disrespectful to their boyfriends or to flat our disrespect you. She finds a healthy balance of accepting compliments while also letting you directly that she’s not interested. Making her a solid 12/10.

Introducing Cindy Fox!!!



Matt: Where are you from?

I’m originally from Germany 🇩🇪

Matt: Do you have any hobbies?

I love lifting, hiking, reading, and baking

Matt: What’s your favorite cereal?

Banana nut crunch

Matt: Who’s your favorite artist?

Favorite artist of all time? Coldplay for sure.

Matt: What’s your favorite animal?

A fox 🦊

Matt: Biggest fear?

Not living my life to the fullest and missing great opportunities.

Matt: What’s your biggest dream?

To inspire and encourage people to grow and succeed. To make a significant impact on the world.

Matt: What’s your type?

I don’t have a type. I am attracted to energy and a person’s souls beyond all else.

Matt: Last one. What’s your ideal date?

Something spontaneous and active. Rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, skydiving.

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