Never Eat Alone by Keith Farrazi [Creator of Success Magazine]

While I was in Maryland getting ready to head LA last month. Peter Petties invited me over to his family’s house for a get-together. While I was there drinking wine and having fun I found his families bookshelf as I usually do when I’m at new homes. On it I found a dozen or so books that I had yet to read. However the one that stood out the most was Never Eat Alone. So I dived right in while the chicken and franks were still cooking. I absorbed as much as I could in the time that I had available to me. Which turned out to be life changing. The author started from the bottom and learned a few things along the way by putting himself in the position to learn from other successful people. Being a caddy at a golf course, learning to ask for things, and going to a good school at a young age.

The basis of the book is that everything in life is based on the relationships you keep. Basically your network is your net worth. What that means is the more people you have genuine relationships with the more your worth. No matter which direction the economy is swinging in at the moment. People who have a large-genuine network will always bounce back. Evan Carmichael quoted Elon Musk as saying in his “Top 10 Rules for Success” that a company is basically a group of extraordinary people working together on a common good.

Nonetheless the thesis of the book was that it’s important to spend time eating with people because you only ever get to know a person through long hours of conversation. Hence the title. Since reading this book my interpersonal relationships have improved 1000%. My business dealings are on a whole new level and asmy life is just all around better. It’s amazing what a little knowledge has the potential to do. What I recommend is this. One if you don’t like reading check out the audio book or just come back to my blog that’s kinda what I do for you guys when I do these book breakdowns. And two: start taking people out to eat or inviting them over for a meal especially if it’s someone that you respect. If you can’t do it physically we literally live in the future so FaceTime that mothersucker.


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