Delaware Dime/IG Beauty of The Month: Angela Reina

Big thanks to my correspondent Matt Blumenthal for securing the interview with our first-ever Delaware Dime and IG Beauty of the month. They’re usually separate but this month we couldn’t decide which to make her. The Beauty of The Month is usually reserved for celebrities with good hearts and kind eyes. Delaware Dime’s is reserved for the baddest tings in the 302. She’s from the 302 but there’s just something about her that forced us to put her in the Beauty of The Month category. Without any further ado we introduce Angela Reina Breeze!

Bloom: Where are you from?

Angela: Dover, Delaware 😄

Bloom: Do you have any hobbies?

Running, shopping, reading, dancing 💃🏽

Bloom: What’s your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms 😛🍀

Bloom: Who’s your favorite artist?

Young the giant, Anderson .Paak, Hozier

Bloom: What’s your favorite animal?

Lions! 🦁

Bloom: What’s your biggest fear?

Getting hit by lightening 😩 it might seem irrational, but I’ve seen it hit the ground in front of me. I was never scared of it until that moment 😭

Bloom: Biggest dreams?

Traveling the entire world

Bloom: What’s your type?

Honest, thoughtful, responsible, active, goofy & fun 🤪

Bloom: Ideal date?

Dinner & Mini golfing 🏌🏽‍♀️


Correspondent: @m_d_b5

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