Delaware Dime / Beauty of The Month: Tykia N.

This month we have the lovely Tykia. We met at after DaBaby performed at Allure in Dover. She lit up the room that night in her pink dress (<3 dresses). When I saw her I was like who the fuck is that? Couple months later here we are featuring her as our September Dime. Orginally I was going to just feature her as a dime but over the past few weeks she’s been showing more of the real her on IG so that changed my mind…enjoy.

(This was supposed to be finished last week but I’ve been in the process of moving b so better late than never I guess. Nonetheless sorry Ty!)

Hope: Where are you from?

Tykia: Seaford, DE

Hope: Do you have any hobbies?

Tykia: Modeling, Soccer and Dancing

Hope: What’s your favorite cereal?

Tykia: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Hope: What’s your sign?

Tykia: Capricorn #GOAT

Hope: Who’s your favorite local artist?

Tykia: Pauly Dinero

Hope: What’s your favorite animal?

Tykia: Lions, tigers, cheetahs.. basically any animal from the cat family lol

Hope: What’s your biggest fear?

Tykia: Failure, being broke

Hope: Biggest dreams?

Tykia: For people to know my name & for my son to never want for anything.

Hope: What’s your type?

Tykia: I don’t think I have one anymore honestly Lol BUT I love to laugh so that’s a plus in someone always

Hope: Ideal date?

Tykia: The arcade! I’m competitive so I’d love to beat ass & then celebrate with some hot wings lol



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