Modern Artist: Ty Cullen [INTERVIEW]


This is a new column we’re calling Modern Artist(s) where we’ll feature contemporary artists. For this first post, we’re blessed to have the world-class photographer Ty Cullen. He’s more of a Magician if you ask me *cough*…his work is different but you’ll see for yourself. He’s what the Japanese would call a Bakuyakusha which translates to a Phantom Artist. What that means is that he can do everything: nature, beauty, landscape, portrait, action, and just about any other genre of photography that comes to mind. He can wear any mask so to speak and what’s more, he makes it looks easy. But, if you know anything about good art; you know that it’s not. He’s also an excellent videographer. I would have featured some of that too but Steve Job’s has this concept called “Don’t Forget 2 Ship” that I try my best to stick too. Reach out to him for bookings before his prices go up!

[Baku = Phantom | Yakusha = Artist]

Get to know him below and follow him on IG @TyCaptured.

Also, follow his muse @AllieWilks.

Here we go:

Hope: Where are you from? 

Ty: I’m from Delaware.

Hope: How did you come across your first camera? 

Ty: I came across my first camera looking around my house and finding my Dad’s different cameras he’d take on our family trips. 

Hope: What inspires you? 

Ty: What inspires me is being someone who is and strives to be someone who can open up other peoples perspectives on life through what I do and who I am.  

Hop: Where’s your favorite place to travel? 

Ty: Favorite place to travel is still throughout Cali even though I live here now. 

Hope: What’s your dream company? 

Ty: My dream company to work for is Beautiful Destinations. 

Hope: Do you have any other hobbies? 

Ty: I have tons of hobbies, so many I can’t list. I’m extremely active and always wanting to be doing something. 

Hope: What do you think of school? 

Ty: I think school can be very helpful if you apply yourself in the right when and you study whatever you need for your career/purposes. I also think it can complicate people’s potential based off focusing on certain subjects each individual may not need. We are all different. So we should have the opportunity to learn differently. 

Hope: Any tips for upcoming artists? 

Ty: Any artist of any kind has to try to be as original as possible of course. But authentic. Be someone who others can relate to and more.

Hope: Who’s your favorite artist? 

Ty: I have lots of favorite artists for different categorizes of art. I think it’s very important to have idols/role models who you connect to in different ways and forms through many types of work. 

Hope: What are you listening to right now? 

Ty: I’m listening to anything NF.

Hope: What did you eat last? 

Ty: I last ate a spicy sausage sandwich. 

Hope: Last but not least what’s your favorite movie? 

Ty: Favorite movie would be insanely hard to pick. But overall in any genre probably “Why Him”.

[I narrowed down my favorite twenty seven photos from his collection…enjoy!]

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